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11/23/09 06:31 AM #4    

Norma Fulkerson (Jones)

I think it is a great idea to get together more often. I really enjoyed our reunion and because of this website, have been in contact with classmates that I haven't talked to in years.

11/23/09 11:14 AM #5    

Elaine Heady (Hill)

I have not been at any Reunion but it is my fault for not checking the website to find out when they were! To Bobby Hise...I certainly would have hugged your neck if I had been there. You were always fun and if anybody averted their eyes...too bad for them! I can't think of anybody at GHS, Class of 69 that is better than anybody else. We were all classmates and that should be all anybody needs to remember. I hope you and yours are well.

I would love for the class to get together again soon!

Thank you David Howard!

11/25/09 02:42 AM #6    

Susie Hudson (Cooper)

I just want to thank David Howard for the wonderful website. You are doing a great job!

11/25/09 08:55 AM #7    

Dick Stafford

Thanks to David Howard for creating this extraordinary website to share our lives, experiences, fortunes and miss-fortunes. It is easy to use and a great way to get in touch with each other. Thanks, David.

To Bobby Hise,

I was not able to attend the reunion, however, I wanted to and even had a AA ticket in my hand. But work, sadly, came in the way at he last minute.

I understand your disappointment in how relations went at the reunion. It was difficult to read your reflection.

We were not close buddies at GHS, but rest assured, had I been able to set aside my work for the few days and appear in Garland, I would have made every attempt to visit with you. If our eyes met, curiosity would have sent me to you. Not away.

I am sorry that it wasn't what you'd hoped for. So, here is my cell phone, 706-499-3914, I will be in Garland over the holidays, using my air ticket from the reunion. Please call me. Lunch is on me and I want to hear about your life AFTER Owl Days...the good and not so good. We ALL have both.
Friends, Dick

11/28/09 10:19 PM #8    

Bobby Hise

Thanks Elaine for the compliment. This was my first reunion, except the one held in 1999 for Brad Herrin, where I did get to see a few people there also.

I believe there is a picture on the site that Patricia Willamson had taken.

When I was invited to attend a meeting this past spring I don't think getting together at GHS was on the radar, although I'm sure a few felt that it should have been held there since it is the place that we all have in common, but it was not too be. Money comes first in this old world.

Well, I don't need any and am more then happy with what I have, especially since I can't take it with me. All I need now is a Harley and that will be here next year.

I did get to see a few like I had stated earlier, Walter Walker, David Howard (Thanks Dave the site looks great), and Terry Allen.

I wish that you had been there, I was looking to plant a big wet juicy kiss on someone, but the guys weren't all that appealing to me, and the ladies that I knew were avoiding me like I had the Plague.

Oh, I left the planning group because someone stated that they thought that I would go "Postal" on someone, go figure. You speak your mind and then get labeled a nut case.

It's okay though, I didn't put them in my Will anyway.

Good to hear from you again, stay sweet as always.


11/28/09 10:37 PM #9    

Bobby Hise

Thanks Dick and I looked forward to seeing you as well. Back in school you didn't miss much by way of not being close. I didn't care about school, I just enjoyed seeing the people that I knew there. Matter of fact I'd be hard pressed to name any subject that I made a passing grade in anyways, I wasn't at school but about half of each month.

Here's a funny one! I think we were all either freshmen or sophomores and were at one of the football games, and I believe that I asked a young beauty Beth Holloway (I may have the name confussed, too many dead brain cells)anyway I gave her my ring and heck I suppose that I was too dumb and didn't know you were supposed to call your girl friend every now and again. Anyway, she had a friend return the ring, duh! I felt like an idiot, which was probably near the truth.

My email is, so as soon as your in town give me a buzzzz. Unfortunately, my wife is not in very good health so she won't be able to come, so you"ll just be stuck with me, unless my daughter can accompany me and keep me safe from all the single women that's bound to show up. Ha!


11/30/09 10:43 PM #10    

Elaine Heady (Hill)


You are welcome! I laughed when I read the part about the Harley because the first thing I said to myself when I read your post was .... I bet he showed up on a Harley, long hair and leather, looking like a wild man! The best kind!

You were the one that was sweet and you had a great sense of humor. I hope your wife gets better and I bet your daughter is a beauty!

Love ya'...

12/05/09 09:56 AM #11    

Bobby Hise

Hello again Elaine;

If we keep meeting like this everyone will begin talking, ha ha.

As long as they are talking about us then it gives some other SOB a chance to recoup.

You're right about my daughter she did the John Powers thingy and was offered a pretty good contract, I can't remember the company but they represented quite a few celebs, but they wanted to "Handle" her themselves with no parental interference and that sank the Titanic, all three of us told them to stick it.

Sherry (wife) and I were married for 11 years before we decided to hatch our replacements so they are still young compared to us. She starts classes again in January and had my temperment, poor thing.

The Harley thing, I've put off in order to help the kids along, but next years it's mine. I'm thinking of a Soft Tail, Black with the front extended slightly and raked, to make it look more old school like a chopper, after that one can only reach me by cell phone, if I have a signal that is.

Only women are invited to come with me, ha. I can't handle the one I've got. I imported her from Nebraska back in the day, with strwberry blonde hair and a temper. My daughter is 5' 11" and my son is 6' 3", but I shrank an inch or so and am right around 6' 1" ish. I spray painted all of my blonde hair white, so I wouldn't look out of place in the AARP line.

So tell me about the family, how you've been? You can also get in touch by my email address:

The Bill Collectors have no problem finding me, they placed a GPS locating device in my brain while I was shopping one day, but really we exchange pleasantries all of the time, they say Hello, and I say Goodbye.

Another year and I'll be debt free, statute of limitations. Not really, but I will be debt free. They can eat their credit. The kids are grown and beginning next year I'll begin to grow up as well. I've already got the "Old" part down pat, unfortunately once I'm down I need help getting back up.

I live in plano Plano, how about yourself? If you'd like to call my # is 972-442-2301, that goes for any of you, except the Bill Collectors of course.

Oh, and I have the worst cable option, I only get one channel, it's the Victoria Secrets Channel, not really much of a talk show, but the scenery is pretty good to look at. Ha!

See you. Bob

12/13/09 06:28 PM #12    

Kathy Turner (Baum)


Sorry I didn't see you but I had to leave due to becoming sick. In fact right after I got back home I was put in the hospital for emergency surgery. I surely wouldn't have avoided you. I was thankful we were still around at this day and time to be able to see one another. This is even more so after sitting across from Sheila and Danny Zaidle and talking with them and now Sheila is gone after her car accident this week. Don't ever feel that way around me. I hadn't seen anyone in 40 years from high school since I live in Kentucky. Hope you and your family have a very safe and Merry Christmas.

Kathy (Turner) Baum

12/18/09 06:32 AM #13    

Bobby Hise

Hi Kathy;

Sorry to hear about Sheila. Was she also a GHS Classmate?

I would love to have seen you as well. Despite what some people might think, I can be a very nice guy. Respect always works well with me, as I always try to give it myself first.

I went to school with a lot of real nice people, unfortunately I didn't get to know very many of them since I mostly hung around some sad characters.

Life has certainly passed by rather quickly, I think, so I must have been having a lot of fun and just didn't realize it.

Hopefully, the remaining members can get together before another ten years has passed bye. If so, I think the school is the place to meet since it is the one commonality that we all share, and it's free.

The Home Economics Class will supply volunteers to prepare food if we ask and pay for the food and drinks. In all it probably wouldn't cost more then about $ 20.00 to 25.00 each for the get together with a meal and beverages.

Take Care,

Bob Hise

12/28/09 09:51 AM #14    

JIm Barnes

Happy New Year everyone.

12/31/09 01:30 PM #15    


Billy Stevenson

Thanks for taking the time in developing the website, it is like one stop shopping for the Class of 69 and all other classes that want to catch up on our class. I would like to thank everyone that put the reunion together especially Sally for providing a meeting place in her place of business and Friday nights get together.
I had a great time both nights, wanted to talk to everyone I knew but missed Walter Walker, Bobby Hise and a few others but had a great time and have even spoken to Patti Morgan, Betty Goodman and a few others because of this website, so thanks again David, We all owe you.
God Bless the Class of 69,
Happy New Year,

01/10/10 08:30 AM #16    

Bobby Hise

Hey Billy;

Missed you as well. I was under the impression that the reunion would take place at GHS, where everyone could meet for free, but I was wrong, one had to pay to see more people.

Oh, well. Maybe we'll run in to one another on the street, unless some of us that live close by will have another get together. As far as I am aware, the school will let us meet there and even supply prepared food, but we'll have to buy it.

Anyway, take care.


02/15/10 11:06 AM #17    

Alan Thomas Delisle


02/17/10 02:47 PM #18    

Diane Patton (Fulps)

Hey Alan, Great all call - To all the pretty ladies from our class!? Does the first 10 that respond get anything extra?? At our age, incentives are important!

02/18/10 08:12 AM #19    

Alan Thomas Delisle


03/09/10 01:10 PM #20    

Peggy Tapp (Fuller)

Hey, It was such a great time at the reunion I really enjoyed seeing everyone again, I had not been to any of the other Garland reunions since the 20th one, so it was so much fun to visit, I want to get in touch with Debra Rose and Cecelia Duncan, if anyone can tell me how please email me at or call me at
512.632.7900 thanks Peggy Tapp Fuller

05/04/10 02:15 AM #21    

Bobby Hise

Sorry I missed the golf classic in April.

Golf is my favorite but I had not practiced in a while, last April 2009 to be exact.

I've been busy doing everything except practicing it seems like.

I don't play unless I'm in the grove otherwise it's just a waste of time, for me anyways.

Hopefully, I'll be ready for April 2011.

For those that don't know, if you practice pitching, chipping and putting at least three times per week, at about 1 to 1 1/2 hours, you can knock at least 10 strokes off of your game. The more you practice that aspect of the game the more you can lower your score.

Practice pitching and chipping with all of your clubs and you only have to learn one swing, versus 11 swings for the same club.

I practice putting w/ 4 balls 1 to 1 1/2 feet from the cup, in a circle, and expand out to 10 balls 15 feet from the cup. If you can putt well from short distances then you can putt from longer distances. It's all about feel, speed and reading the green.



10/11/10 10:07 AM #22    

Dick Stafford

How sad it was this morning to learn of the passing (Oct. 5, 2010) of Mr. Paul Bourek, teacher and director of the Fighting Owl Band when we were students.  I recall Mr. and Mrs. Bourek attending our 30th reuniuon in downtown Dallas and dancing the night away, happy and full of celebration!  The Owl Band was full of energy and pride and surprises. I will forever fondly remember my fellow drummers Jon Six, Bobby Baker, Roger King, and others who REALLY knew drumming, and the importance of keeping the band on beat. My nickname, Gomer, from slipping on new leather shoes on a shinny stage floor during a band concert, cymbals crashing wildly at the wrong moment, followed me throughout my life as a "Bandie."  Memories of the NEW Band Hall, a horse galloping through marching practice in the front parking lot, trips to Corpus, Mr. Bourek's poignant directions when we errored, his great smile, his tremendous personal support of me during a Youth Against Drug Rally on Flag Day in June 1969, a truly meaningful conversation with me about that event as I graduated from GHS, and the entire Bourek family's love of music...will stay with me forever.  Also now, learning of Vicki Bourek Francoeur's passing in March of this year, along with brother Bill's death, is further saddening to us. But there is much to celebrate as a life closes. The impact the Bourek's made on us as young people, working hard to demonstrate the value of practice and goal setting,  and a love of music very different from the Rolling Stones, the Beatles, and Herman's Hermits blasting away in our 1960s cars, molded many of us to be who we are today. And now, I am left to wonder what to do the yellowing plastic spats and white fingerless gloves, a left over from my time as a member of the Owl Band. Time, and all of us, march on!

09/23/11 05:36 AM #23    

Lyndal (Lynn) Malone (Watson)

Almost a year has passed since the last post... and I loved reading each one.  Actually, I logged on to try to respond to Linda Carney's message.  So, Linda, if you see this, please know that you are in my prayers.  You have much courage!

Thanks, David, for maintaining the web site.

I did attend the 40th reunion, my first, and enjoyed it.  I don't know why the high school years are so magical... even to those of us who were total nerds.  Seeing all those who, like me, are turning 60 and have officially passed mid-life, was fun.  I probably averted my eyes several times because I didn't have a clue who most of you were, and I couldn't see the name tags without my reading glasses! 

I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm pretty busy!  I thought I would have all the time in the world after I retired, but I've started a second career and have seven grandkids, so enough said!  Getting a Harley might be fun...

Best wishes to the class of '69!

Lynn Malone Watson

09/28/11 11:43 AM #24    

Diane Patton (Fulps)

When are we sharing drinks at ozona's again?  My grandkids are getting older, so I do not get to spend precious time I use to enjoy, and I am not ready to retire to my rocking chair...having more free time is both good and bad!!


12/15/11 12:09 AM #25    

Donna Harrison (Brooks)

I'm getting contacted by more and more classmates on Facebook.  Some classmates are responding here.

Let's get together in January 2012 and start the year out with our golden friends.  What about it?

02/07/12 06:23 PM #26    

Johnny Oglesby

I agree David. I will try to make there. I get notes on facebook but don't really know how to respond to them. Too many ads also. Iam too old school [69 to be exact.] Thanks for the site. John Oglesby

10/27/13 10:25 PM #27    

Dick Stafford

New York Opera Fund Named for Former Garland Student

The fine arts programs in the Garland Independent School District have long been known across the state as exceptional, often launching graduates into some of the best collegiate art, music and theatre academic programs available for students.

In the late 1960’s, the Garland High School fine arts department developed students who have had magnificent careers in the performing arts. One of those was soprano Patricia Dowell, at 1969 graduate, taught by GHS choral director Jim Henderson. Dowell, recently battled cancer, following a long career in New York City.  In her early years in New York, Patricia was twice a finalist in the New York Metropolitan Opera’s annual young singer’s competition, and was a recipient of the distinguished Liederkranz Foundation’s Richard Wagner Competition.

In performances, Patricia created the memorable role of Anne Hutchinson in the world premiere of the opera Mary Dyer, and portrayed Cassandra in New York’s Trojan Women in 1982. At the encouragement of her husband, Dr. Michael Scimeca, Patricia expanded her talents to teaching opera to young woman who came to New York to study opera the last two decades and begin their own careers.

Patricia Dowell Scimeca developed cancer about eight years ago and successfully battled the disease into remission. Soon after, she returned to teaching and her love of opera, and once again demonstrated her love of music that began as a teenager in Garland schools.

Her strength and talent led her to the role of The Witch in Engelbert Humperdinck’s Hansel and Gretel, as well as the title role in Richard Strauss’s Ariadne auf Naxos with the New York Opera Project.  However, last year the cancer returned. Former Garland High School graduate, Dick Stafford, and friend of Patricia recently noted fond memories of his GHS pal.

“Patricia was always a step beyond us all. She sang soprano in the Acappella Choir, winning many state honors. She also appeared as Calamity in the GHS musical Calamity Jane, entertaining Garland audiences with her extraordinary voice, her beautiful stage presence, and most of all, her strength of character,” Stafford said, recanting Dowell’s education in the Garland school system.

            Last month, in New York City, Patricia Dowell Scimeca lost her life to her second battle with cancer. Scores of New York opera enthusiasts attended her funeral at The Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine. The celebration included dozens of opera singers and chorus members from New York. Her brother Alex Dowell, and father Hughlon Dowell are still Garland residents.

            Opera America in New York has begun a fund, named for the former Garland student, to assist new opera singers in the New York metropolitan area with their careers.  The fund is for current opera professionals, many from communities just like Garland,  who may need monetary assistance with day-to-day living expenses while pursuing a music career. The demanding hours of professional opera singers, and sometimes limited income make it difficult to pursue opera and have a full time second career to fund daily obligations. If you would like to help young people, many just like Patricia from all over the United States, you can make a gift in her name to Opera America. Donations to the new program called the Patricia Dowell Fund for Emerging Singers at Opera America can be mailed to 330 Seventh Ave., New York, New York 10001. Checks should be made payable to Opera America, with the fund noted on the bottom of the check. More information is available at


06/05/15 12:23 PM #28    

Linda Carney (Walters)

Thank you David for all your hard work! We are so fortunate to have you keep us posted of all events!


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