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Dear GHS Alumni,

Our 10th annual all-class reunion was a lot of fun, full of friendships rekindled and new friendships made.  If you were one of the approximately 500 people there last Saturday, you already know this.  But whether you were able to make it or not, I want to share with you the 150+ photos from the reunion, so that, even if you couldn't make it, you can vicariously enjoy the event:

In the future, our all-class reunions will always be on the first Saturday in October.  We have arranged this in order to allow people who want to come to be able to plan in advance.

Not only did we have a great time at the reunion, we also signed up 68 new members into the Alumni Association and got about $500 in donations.

As you may know, we just finished a 2-issue trial membership to the Association to people suggested by their class reps.  I am extremely pleased to report that 137 people in the trial have joined the Association, and I suspect many more will.  Since we give out 6 $1,500 scholarships annually, put out a quarterly newsletter, hold an annual all-class reunion, etc., the dues and donations are much appreciated.  As of now, we have 1,377 members, up from the 760 members we had in the summer of last year.

Finally, if you have stories or pictures about growing up in Garland or about the Garland schools, please send them by simply replying to this letter or by sending them directly to since these are the subjects for the next few couple of newsletters.

On behalf of the GHS Alumni Board, we thank all of you for your enthusiastic participation and support, especially our hard working class reps.

Gig 'em Owls!


Steve Rhodes (Class of 65)

GHS Association Alumni President